I wish that I was better at managing my time; that I could give you more time.

I wish that I could be on time; that I wouldn’t run out of time with you. 

I wish that we had more time. Time spent languishing. Time spent watching movies, going for walks. I wish we had more days together, instead of haphazardly seeing each other for a few hours.

I wish that I had more time to spend with you. 

Things I want for my 21st

  • Sunshine
  • A cup of tea in bed
  • The day off university
  • A guaranteed place in honours Geography

I have happiness, I have a really lovely family, I have really lovely friends. All I want are the above things, but none of them are material. Except for the cup of tea, of course, and I’m pretty sure Ham can do that for me. I don’t want a big hooha, I don’t want to be burdened with organising a huge bash, I don’t want to organise anything at all. I just want to turn 21 as the earth turns on October the 1st. 

Side note, does anyone know of any nice cheap friendly venues to have some friends at for a 21st drinks. In Wellington, New Zealand. Thanks. 

Things I have done today (instead of writing my English essay):

  • Slept in
  • Gone to the fruit market
  • Washed my sheets, towels and clothes
  • Listened to She & Him and the Doves
  • Chatted to Harriet
  • Drank an uncountable amount of tea and coffee
  • Completely tidied my room

I win at productive procrastination

I’ve got so much work to do, but all I want is to listen to the new She & Him album while reading the new frankie magazine. I’d do this sitting in bed, with a hot chocolate. My hot water bottle would be at my feet and my PJs would be on. 

There would be no such thing as university essays. 

Off to Levin to revel in the New Year, kids. 

I know, it’s a strange place to go. But someone (that I like a lot) lives there, which makes it all OK.

Have a great new years, see you in 2013, tumblr.